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Friday, March 25, 2005

A Loyal 'Star Wars' Fan

Photo taken on December 6, 2004, in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada; with me are a Scout Trooper and a Gamorrean Guard Posted by Hello
I have been a Star Wars fan since 1977, right after I saw the first-ever Star Wars film, which is known now as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. I could still remember the day my father took me and my sister Lovelle to Magallanes Theater in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines, to watch the movie. Right after the opening music theme of the movie, I knew right away that the film would become one of my favorites and that I was destined to be a Star Wars fan. I was correct, for I remain a loyal fan, watching every film and collecting books and action figures.

To this day, every time I see anything Star Wars I can feel the child in me. Just looking at a single Star Wars action figure transcends me to many precious days in my past. I still remember, back in Grade 5, 1983, when I used to frequent a toy shop, Fontana's Hobby Shop, in Goldcrest Building at Ayala Center in Makati, to marvel at the various action figures there. It was also the store where I bought many of my action figures which included Dungeons & Dragons, Masters of the Universe, and DC Superpowers.

I can still recall, in first-year high school, 1984, when I with several classmates cut classes to go to the mall Greenhills Shopping Lane in San Juan, Metro Manila, where there were a few similar hobby shops that sold action figures and other collectible toys.

However, I'd like to thank an elementary classmate of mine named Paul Medina, who one day brought several Star Wars action figures to my delight. That was the very day I decided I'd be collecting such figures.

Many of the figures I was able to buy in elementary out of my school allowance are still in my possession. I continue to buy figures, as well as books; but I remain a "smalltime collector" as compared with the countless Star Wars collectors out there. Nevertheless, I pride myself as a loyal fan by having a vast knowledge about Star Wars, especially about the characters and the expanded stories.

More so, the biggest achievement I had as a Star Wars fan is my being able to influence my nephew Algae into becoming a fan himself.

And, I intend to bequeath the Jedi in me to my future children.

May the force be among all of us!

Friday, March 04, 2005

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